Replacing a roof is a significant investment in your home. Homeowners on a budget may consider replacing sections of their roof rather than completing a full roof replacement at one time.

While that sounds like a tempting option, there are reasons that replacing your entire roof at once is the better choice.

  • Difficult to Get an Exact Match: Even if you order the same color shingles at different times, it’s difficult to get an exact color match. That can result in a roof that has a patchwork effect.
  • Damage Could be Missed: Let’s say you divide your roof into four sections. You replace sections one and two—and still end up with a leak. Replacing the roof in sections makes it easy to miss damage, and that can end up leading to significant secondary damage.
  • Could End Up Costing More: Installing a new roof in sections rather than all at once is less efficient for contractors. That means the cost of installing the roof in sections is likely to cost more than completing the project all at once.
  • Warranty Implications: Quality roofing usually comes with an impressive warranty that lasts for decades, but those warranties don’t apply if the roof is installed in sections.

If budgeting for a full roof replacement isn’t possible, replacing the roof in sections is better than allowing the roof to continue to deteriorate. Talk to a reputable roofing company near you to discuss the pros and cons of each option in depth.

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