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Cost of Los Angeles Roof Replacement

A roof replacement can be a very necessary service for a home, especially when extreme damage or wear and tear has been uncovered. As crucial as this type of roofing work may be, many homeowners are hesitant to schedule it because of the perceived cost.

Fortunately, a new roof installation doesn't have to be extraordinarily expensive. When you hire Legends Roofing as your Los Angeles roofing company, you're sure to get quality service at a reasonable rate. We install some of the best brands in the industry and have a team of skilled contractors who will always provide flawless workmanship. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the factors that will influence your roof pricing in Los Angeles.

Average Roof Replacement Cost in Los Angeles: Factors Involved

There is no uniform answer for the price of a new roof in Los Angeles. Every home is different and has different requirements that can influence the cost. However, these variables can be easy to predict and account for. Some aspects to keep in mind include:

  • Size of the Roof: Square footage is the number one factor in the cost of a roof replacement. The larger your home's roof is, the more materials and labor that will be needed.
  • Roofing Materials: Roofing materials come at different price points. While asphalt shingles tend to be a more affordable option, materials like metal, tile, and slate can come at a premium.
  • Pitch of the Roof: The greater the pitch of your roof, the more difficult an installation. This results in a higher labor cost from your contractor.
  • Disposal Fees: You'll also need to pay for the disposal of your old roofing materials.

Despite the overall cost of a roof replacement, our team has financing options available to help. If you need a low-interest payment plan, we'd be happy to connect you with lenders.

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When you hire Legends Roofing, your local Pasadena roofer, you won't be sticker-shocked by the roof price. While we do provide luxury roofing materials, we prioritize affordable service. We're confident that you'll feel comfortable with your new roof cost. Contact us today for a free quote, or submit for an online estimate with our roofing calculator widget on this page!