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Los Angeles Fascia Installation Company

When your home needs gutter replacement, there is quite likely to be damage to other elements of the roofline, too. That’s why Legends Roofing offers comprehensive gutter repair services in Los Angeles.

Our team can fix the roof edge and replace any fascia that’s damaged beyond repair. We can perform these repairs as part of your gutter installation or as a solo project.

At Legends Roofing, you’ll receive expert workmanship and service from fully licensed, insured, and bonded contractors. You can trust our experts to have all the knowledge and training such a big job demands. We are also BBB-accredited for our dedication to excellent customer service. We have received high marks across multiple ratings sites from a long list of previously satisfied customers.

What is the Fascia?

Roof overhangs consist of three architectural features. If you go outside, you’ll see your home is covered on top by a roofing system. If you look under the roof overhang, you’ll see it is protected by perforated metal or vinyl sheets called soffits. The front edge of the roof overhang where your gutters sit is covered by a thin piece of wood—called fascia board.

The fascia boards give your roof a clean, finished appearance from the street. They also cover up an opening in the roof that leads into the eaves. Without well-maintained fascia, your home could be exposed to moisture, insects, and animals.

Signs of Damaged Fascia Board

The signs that you need gutter and fascia replacement are usually pretty obvious. Damaged gutters will hang loose from the roofline. You may also see water leaking from the gutters and/or signs of rust.

Your fascia board will show different forms of damage, like:

  • Cracks in the Wood
  • Bubbling and Peeling Paint
  • Dark Spots and Signs of Mold or Mildew
  • Soft, Easy-to-Break Wood
  • Moisture in the Attic
  • Pests Entering the Attic and Walls

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